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    Quảng Nam - Cooking class in hoi an

    Thứ hai - 28/08/2017 08:48 - Nơi đăng tin: Quảng Nam
    Welcome to Cooking Class Hoi An to enjoy the most relaxing and comfortable moments. You will truely experience the amazing cooking classes, authetic culinary visits and fantastic tours.
    Cooking Class Hoi An is the countryside of Cam Thanh is considered as a "Pearl of Southern Vietnam", located right in the heart of Hoi An city. It is well-known for not only the seven-hectare water coconut forest which went down in history along with the quiet river and immense green rice fields but also the eco-tourism zone that you should not miss when visiting Hoi An....
    It includes activities:
         Explore Hoi An Local Market: Just follow your nose down to the river’s edge and you can devour the fascinating sights, sounds and smells of a Vietnamese local market. The Tour Guide will take you to the market first to show you where the ingredients come from and explain some of the more unusual fruit and vegetables. Any visitor to Hoi An is bound to stumble upon the bustling riverside market in the Old Town. Walk down to Bach Dang Street and along the river until you can see (and smell) the hustle and bustle. Most tourists are just there to look so the local market women pretty much leave you alone to take photos. If you are looking to buy something then make sure you are ready to haggle, the price really is whatever you are willing to pay.

         Boat On The River: From The Central Market,start your boat trip on Thu Bon river to see the paranamic view of Hoi An town, then drive up to visit Cam Thanh Village, On the road, you can experiences from learning traditional fishing techniques.

         Bamboo Basket Boat On The Cam Thanh Water Coconut Forest: You will surely be interested when joining a basket boat trip to travel around water coconut palm gardens in Cam Thanh Village. Located about 4 km from Hoi An ancient town on the east side, there is a hidden ecological village of Cam Thanh – A typical village in rural Vietnam. Along the way to the village, you can see the beautiful scenery ith traditional images and agricultural activities: From the grain of rice dried to the scenes of buffalo grazing leisurely on rice fields or coconut leaves dried on the roadsides. Through it you can have a completely and profound look on the aspect of rural cultural life of the local peoplerowing the bamboo basket boat which is the unique novelty of Cam Thanh village

         Bicycle By Cam Thanh Countryside: Moreover, you are discover the ecosystem of the famous and unique Seven Hectare Water Coconut Woods here. Getting lost in the green space of water palm woods, enjoy cycling to an herb village, riding through the long narrow creeks, enjoying the cool breezes are the emotions that have been lost in the modern and busy life.

         Study Cooking Vietnamese Traditional Foods: You will anchor in a quiet spot for your 2-hour, hands-on cooking class. Discover Vietnamese culinary arts and culture and enjoy tasting the local food. They are Quang Noudlde , fried spring rolls, grilled fish in banana leaves, banana flower...

    Email: info@cookingclasshoian.vn
    Website:  http://cookingclasshoian.vn/
    Phone: (+84)914 757 733 - (+84)914 702 981





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